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T203 Assam Silonibari,CTC BOP



CTCとは、紅茶の製法の一種で、"Crush "(砕く・押しつぶす) " Tear "(引きちぎる) "Curl"(丸める) という3つの工程の頭文字をとって、CTC製法と呼ばれています。




Silonibari Tea Estate is situated in the foothills of Arunachal Pradesh in the Lakhimpur District of Assam with a gross area spanning 734.41 hectors. The estate is blessed with an idyllic tropical climate, an average of 120 inches of rain per annum is perfect for our pedigree clonal tea bushes of TV1, TINALI 17, S3A3 and CHUMAIJAN (extract of BETJAN) that have been recognized over the years by institutions like the Tea Board of India and other excellence awards.
Propagation of plants by clonal seeds like TS491 and TS520 ensures best leaf quality of our teas. We have three large nurseries with a total area of 5 hectors producing clonal plants for planting and in-filling. Continuous up-rooting, re-planting and rejuvenation activities are undertaken to further improve quality and yield of crop.
A large-scale modernization programme was undertaken in the last few years wherein new CTC machines and dryers were installed to give a further fillip to the quality of our teas. Modern management methods, state- of-the-art, machinery, seamlessly planned tea-cycles, a reliable and dedicated work force, all contribute to our garden's excellence.

アッサム シロニバリ茶園CTC BOP


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